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Us defense secretary leon panetta says the turmoil raging across the muslim world is likely to continue into the days ahead, but he says the violence expected by the us appears to be leveling off. This week, congress has an opportunity to speak for the majority of americans by passing the dream act it's an opportunity to affirm the fundamental and unchangeable values of who we are as a people: a nation of immigrants, writes former secretary of state leon panetta. The us has deployed military teams to respond to unrest in 17 or 18 locations in muslim nations that are of strategic interest to pentagon ­we have to be prepared in the event that these demonstrations get out of control, defense secretary leon panetta said in a friday interview with foreign. Former defense secretary leon panetta warns america faces a '30-year war' against isis and other 'this is a global jihad that comes out of the muslim religion.

Now he’s once again on the outside, and today is addressing the topic of the muslim brotherhood, violent extremist and what america needs to do to defend itself he’s part of a special event assembled by the hudson institute that also includes retired us army gen david petraeus and former defense secretary leon panetta. The role of cia director john brennan in the idea these five prisoners could be released safely was opposed by leon panetta muslim brotherhood agent. Brilliant panetta says that sharing anti-muslim videos will cause muslims to become violent and want to kill us, despite the fact that he and the left tell us muslims.

Cia director leon panetta testified to congress today of a strong likelihood that egyptian president hosni mubarak would step down by the end of the day the report of his impending resignation was only eclipsed by the news that mubarak would not be stepping down as panetta had indicated to congress. View elizabeth panetta’s profile on linkedin, the world's largest professional community muslim women resource center january 2012 civil rights and social action. Panetta: terrorists carried out consulate leon panetta said thursday there can be no doubt that and will continue to take action against muslim.

Former cia director leon panetta said that president trump's retweets of anti-muslim videos are putting lives at risk.

The islamic state: repercussions former defense secretary leon panetta and king but to even call himself a muslim is to me is just words that i don. Former cia director leon panetta sharply criticized president trump on thursday, accusing him of playing with fire after the president retweeted three anti-muslim videos from the ultranationalist group britain first. Panetta to arabs and muslims: 'america needs you' the arab american news, news report, khalil alhajal posted: sep 21, 2009 dearborn, mich — cia director leon panetta sought to reassure arab americans last wednesday that the agency would no longer engage in questionable interrogation tactics, reports of which have fostered.

Attend countering violent extremism: qatar, iran, and the muslim brotherhood the panetta institute for public policy and former secretary of defense. Akin to his diplomatic experience, the interviewer was saved by panetta’s touch of humor and desire to carry on unaffected four issues dominated the agenda: north korea, iran, russia and qatar north korea adopting a critical stance of the administration, panetta condemned all military plans to deal with north korea as doomed to fail.

Panetta and his wife sylvia founded the panetta institute for public policy in december 1997 and served as co-directors there until his departure in 2009 to serve as cia. Former british prime minister tony blair and former us secretary of defense leon panetta are launching a commission on violent extremism that will aim to help the next us administration counter radicalization among muslims the soon-to-launch effort, which also hopes to guide european leaders.

Former british prime minister tony blair and former us secretary of defense leon panetta are launching a commission on violent extremism that will aim to help the next us administration counter radicalization among muslims. Globalist propagandist wolf blitzer invited nwo operative leon panetta to help attack louie gohmert for there are sufficient muslims in a country.

Pinetta muslim
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